Behavior Analysis in Industry: Organizational Behavior Management

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January 29, 2019 | 02:30 PM – 03:30 PM EST


This presentation is part of the ABA Subspecialty Series: Diversity in Practice. This nine-part series was developed to provide general awareness and education on the many different applications of Applied Behavior Analysis and the industry-specific niches consequently derived from these applications. For each area, one of its foremost experts will cover topics such as origins of the subspecialty area, seminal publications in the area, specific types of problems behavior analysts address within the area, how the treatment approach varies from alternative methods. This series is intended as a helpful resource for all individuals interested in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, from undergraduates just embarking on their studies to professionals well established in the field.

Presenter Bio: John Austin, PhD

Dr. John Austin is an internationally recognized coach to business leaders on safety and human performance. He is founder of Reaching Results, a consultancy for safety, leadership, & management. Dr. Austin was also a Professor of Psychology at Western Michigan University. He has consulted with organizations for 25 years to improve productivity and safety in a wide range of industries.

John and his teams have coached leaders in hundreds of companies to deliver over 10,000 safety, operations, and quality improvement projects at work that have generated millions of dollars in improvements to businesses.

John offers online courses and coaching on improving safety and human performance at work. You can get information about these at

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This workshop will be streamed live online. Attend the workshop from the comforts of your personal computer.

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