Jon Bailey, PhD, BCBA-D

Dr. Bailey received his PhD from the University of Kansas in 1970; Mont Wolf was his mentor. He is now Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Florida State University where he is Director of the Panama City Masters Program in Psychology with a Specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis. He is a BCBA-D, and a Fellow of ABAI and APA. He is Secretary/Treasurer and Media Coordinator of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, which he founded in 1980. Dr. Bailey has published over 100 peer-reviewed research articles, is a past-Editor of JABA and is co-author of six books including: Research Methods in Applied Behavior Analysis, Ethics for Behavior Analysts, How to Think Like a Behavior Analyst, 25 Essential Skills and Strategies for Professional Behavior Analysts and most recently Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 2nd Expanded Edition.

Jon's Past Events

BCHOE 2016 Annual Report Q&A Session

The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence has released their annual report summarizing trends in ABA clinical practice. Visit to read the report. Join Dr. Jon Bailey and Sara Litvak as they review the results and answers your questions.

Other1 hour

Dealing with Difficult People

Behavior analysts have the skills to analyze and modify even the most severe behaviors of clients with whom they work. Our science and technology of behavior provide us with the foundation for improving the lives of children and adults, and we do so with confidence on a daily basis. Many behavior analysis professionals, however, report that dealing with obstreperous colleagues or a defiant, sarcastic employee can ruin their day. I would argue that we have the tools to deal with these “difficult people,” but are unaware of how exactly to proceed. I will suggest some strategies that can be used with argumentative, passive-aggressive, and defensive people based on what we know works in clinical settings.

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