Ethics50 minutes

The Ethics of Data Based Decision Making

Data-based decision making is an ethically and functionally essential practice of behavior analysts as we deliver effective assessment, treatment, and training services for parents and educators.  During this presentation, Dr. Karsten will outline opportunities for data-based decision making, particularly as they relate to the BACB© conduct guidelines, ethical standards, and barriers to best practices.

Ethics1 hour

Ethics is Not for Sissies

For me ethics is not some theoretical philosophical issue for academics to debate endlessly; rather, ethics involves small decisions we make every day to assure that quality treatment is provided to our clients.  In this talk I will outline my current thinking on ethics and describe what I see as the many challenges and some of the downsides to behaving ethically. We have to be able to think quickly when someone asks a favor, offers a gift or makes an unwanted sexual advance. Other ethics problems arise more slowly, are more complex, and involve clashes between a behavior analyst and her employer or conflicts involving funding agencies. Many ethical problems arise out of incompetence, laziness or greed.  I will propose a seven-step model for analyzing ethics cases and propose 13 Essential Skills for the Ethical Behavior Analyst.  I hope in this address it will become apparent: "Ethics Is Not for Sissies."

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